36 Hours in Vilnius

You wouldn’t think of the tiny Baltic country of Lithuania as a fantastic place to have some mommy-time off, wouldn’t you? Well, it’s exactly where I went! Every now and then I need some lone time for me, myself and I to just relax, forget about my daily routine and get re-energized. Others do yoga, I travel.

So there I was investigating the map of Europe looking for places I’ve never been to that were close enough for a weekend trip. Not easy as I’ve travelled quite a bit in the continent. Mmm, let’s see … voilà! Vilnius, Lithuania, it is. I booked my plane tickets, reserved my hotel and off I went. I didn’t really know much, yet alone anything (oops!), about this Baltic state beforehand but I was extremely positively surprised. Vilnius is full of history with a beautiful old town and some remnants of the bygone Soviet era. The people are also friendly, and younger compared to Western Europe, and quite religious. A whopping 77% are Roman Catholics (and practicing too, in church attendance at least) while the rest belong to the Russian Orthodox Church.

While plane tickets to Lithuania are costly from where I was flying from (Switzerland), it is a very affordable country to visit and where your travel budget can get quite a bit of mileage. For example, staying in a five-star luxury hotel and eating in the fanciest restaurants cost a fraction of what you’d shell out in Paris and London. Seeing the prices, I indulged. Seeing the city’s beauty, I explored.

So instead of my plan to simply do nothing, sleep and retreat in my hotel room, with possible spa treatments, I found myself discovering the cobblestoned streets of the city, taking tons of pictures and joining tours to learn more about Lithuania, including a trip to the picturesque island castle of Trakai. Well, I was tired from my 36 hours in Vilnius but I felt re-energized nonetheless back home.

What else but amber! Bracelets, earrings, statues, you name it, there’s an amber product for every imaginable taste and at different price points too. There’s even an amber spa. And have you ever heard of amber vodka? Well, that’s what I bought. You just basically put a few amber beads in Lithuanian vodka for a couple of weeks to let the alcohol take in the amber’s taste. It’s a great souvenir and quite different. Now if these golden gems are not your thing, what about some linen, wooden toys or paintings from street artists?

Kempinski Hotel Cathedral Square — ♥♥♥♥♥
Universiteto gatvė 14, Vilnius 01122
* Apparently the best hotel in Vilnius. I didn’t even bother checking out other options after seeing the nightly rate. For €135.00 a night for a single room with a hearty breakfast, I thought it was a super deal. I had a beautiful luxury room with a view of the cathedral and the ruins of the fortified castle. And because I was on my mommy time off to spend my hard-earned cash, I just reserved airport transfers with the hotel and dined there. The food was delicious and the service superb!

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Postcard #72: Paris

Giant bubbles in Paris

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Beautiful Parc de la Grange, Geneva

I love strolling around parks, especially pretty ones. If ever you’re in Geneva, Switzerland, and need somewhere to wind down, jog, have a picnic or bring your kids to, Parc de la Grange is the place to be. Located in the Eaux-Vives quarter (but not to be confused with Parc des Eaux-Vives next door), it’s like a miniature version of Jardin du Luxembourg in Paris, just with a beautiful view of Lac Léman. The park also has a couple of playgrounds for different age groups, a small kiddie pool, a rose garden and two theaters with concerts and the likes. Just how I wish it would also host puppet shows for children.

The beautiful little château at Parc de la Grange

The park is great for walking around, jogging and cycling.

The mini pool for children

There are several small trees around the park suitable for tree climbing.

Parc de la Grange has the biggest rose garden in Geneva.

A lovely red rose

The park has a couple of playgrounds for kids of all ages.

Parc de la Grange is one of the most beautiful parks in Geneva.

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