Venice Behind the Mask

We often read of Venice and its canals. Those beautiful, picturesque and sometimes stinky canals. But the city actually has another enchanting side to it, often unexplored by the herds of tourists and uncaptured in their cameras, probably because they’re busier trying to find their way around and out of them than snapping away. I’m talking about its labyrinth of alleys, side streets and bridges; often empty, deserted and sometimes in a dilapidated state. The Venice behind the mask.

This is the hidden Venice where you’ll find the locals out and about with their daily lives, quaint little restaurants, markets and artisans and craftsmen. Yes, you can easily get lost but with a very good map, I mean a detailed one that you actually need to buy instead of just getting for free from the hotel, you can find your way about. Otherwise, just head to the nearest canal and flag a gondolier to take you to the nearest tourist spot or something.

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