Khongoryn Els, Mongolia

THIRTY THREE AVENUE documents my travels and photographs. Explore and experience, that’s my motto. Having been to 54 countries, two others with limited recognition, and more than 350 cities — including my fair share of living, studying and working in six countries in four continents — my appetite to learn more about the diverse cultures of our world and explore off-the-beaten track locations continues to grow.

With each trip, I become more and more conscious of our planet’s needs, the importance of protecting our environment and conserving local traditions and cultures. I keep these in mind and try to help in my own little way, including making the least carbon and waste footprint as possible. We can all make a difference!

Through my travelogues and photographs, I hope to share with you my experience. I also keep my blog as a journal to instill in my seven-year-old the joy of traveling and learning.

Professionally, I run my own agency specializing in communications project management, events and travel coordination.

Contact me for questions, collaborations and requests.

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