Musical Instruments

I love the sound of stringed instruments, especially the violin. Like other kids, I played an instrument as a child but I didn’t get to choose which one and ended up with the dreaded piano. After years and years of taking lessons, my mom finally realized that I loathed it, gave in to my whim and bought me a violin. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to take courses so it lay inside its box hidden somewhere in our house.

My almost five-year-old daughter started violin lessons the moment she turned four, the music school’s minimum age. We both chose this instrument not because I was a frustrated violinist but rather of her interest. Though after trying for more than half a year, including a little recital, we recently stopped since she didn’t show the same level of enthusiasm as with her other extra-curricular activities, namely ballet and figure skating. With school and everything else, there are only so many hours in the day and she can only do so much. Hence, we decided to stick with her loves. Oh well, we tried. Who knows? Maybe later again.

How about you? Do you play a musical instrument?

Postcard #71: Paris

A room with a view, the 6th arrondissement

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Postcard #70: Acre

The city below the city, the crusader town of Acre in Israel

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