Interview with Miss Lecroc of “Anthologie de Sac”

I came across French artist Nathalie Lecroc through fellow blogger “The Lilac Pages.” Better known as Miss Lecroc, she’s currently working on a book called “Petite Anthologie de Sacs et Sacs à Main” showcasing 1001 original watercolor paintings of handbags. Curious, I started reading about her work, which includes paintings for Chanel. I got even more curious and contacted her.

Meet Miss Lecroc, the talented painter and illustrator behind “Anthologie de Sac.”

Miss Lecroc as photographed by Germinal Roaux

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
I’m a Brittany native and studied at the Ecole Nationale des Beaux-Arts de Paris and the Université Paris 8. Now, I live in a country home with a studio since having a son, who is five years old. I love everything about creativity, in addition to sewing, imagining toys for my son, cooking, and taking care of the garden. I’m also currently working on an artistic project in the very small island of Vendee (Ile d’Yeu) and teaching art.

What inspired you to paint handbags?
Women inspired me. It’s not so much the bag or the individual things in it that are interesting, but everything together. They form a portrtait of the person’s personality. It’s amazing what you can say about people after examining their handbags.

So far, what were the most interesting items you’ve seen being carried in handbags?
The most interesting items I found were firecrackers, a hula dress, an electric hair remover, a bag filled with nothing but old underwear, juggling balls, a black lace Wonderbra, and lettuce. There was even a handbag with a real dog inside, a little fox terrier named Coco in a Coco Chanel quilted bag, at the Las Vegas boutique of Chanel.

Just imagine, your handbag as a work of art. Well, I know I want one of those! Each painting is numbered and the handbag owner receives the original watercolor. Miss Lecroc and I discussed the process and I chose my everyday purse to be painted: a black Hermès Birkin containing my daily essentials. Et voilà!

It was a pleasure to work with Miss Lecroc and I’d also like to thank her for this interview. If you’re interested in her work, contact Nathalie at:

Hurry, before she reaches 1001!

Until my next post … take care!

9 thoughts on “Interview with Miss Lecroc of “Anthologie de Sac”

  1. 33 Avenue says:

    Mona P: The original painting is actually a lot better than the digital image. =) Love it! But looking at the other paintings, looks like my bag is empty lol!

    Mary: Let’s just say I would have preferred 001 or 888. But I’m happy with my number.

  2. 33 Avenue says:

    Samantha: My husband, who has ZERO interest in fashion, also thought it was cool to have my handbag painted. The original watercolor actually looks 1,000 better than the .jpg file. So worth it! Happy Lunar New Year too!

  3. Samantha says:

    I’m glad your husband thought is was cool! LOL! I emailed her and hoping to hear back {that she hasn’t reached 1001 yet}! I’m sure the painting will look lovely in your gorgeous closet! 🙂

  4. 33 Avenue says:

    Kasey: I don’t know the date because she first needs to have 1001 paintings. A friend of mine recently had one made somewhere in the 800s so it should still be a while.

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