Florentine marbled-paper

I was strolling around Ponte Vecchio one hot summer day when I came across the quaint paper shop Il Papiro. While browsing about, a sales person approached me and said, “Come. I’ll show you something.” Curious, I followed him to the back of the store.

The room was ladened with paper in different sizes, patterns and textures. In the middle was a table, a tray, a jug of water, ink bottles and paint brushes. As it turns out, the store just opened that week and Gianni, who’s actually one of the founders of Il Papiro, wanted to show me how Florentine marbled paper was made. I was like, “Cool!” I recall him saying that anyone can enter one of the numerous paper shops in the city and appreciate the handcrafted items. But it’s different when you show them how the paper is made. Maybe they purchase something, maybe not. One thing is for sure, they’ll leave with a lasting impression. Well, I totally agree!

Marbled-paper making originated in the Orient, as early as the 10th century in China. A similar method called suminagashi also existed in Japan in the 12th century. In Europe, the art form arrived in the 17th century. Today, it survives almost exclusively in Florence.

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6 thoughts on “Florentine marbled-paper

  1. Journey says:

    Your blog is mind-blowingly awesome! i’m having huge joy just reading post after post. You are incredible! and you take incredibly beautiful photos too! This post is really heartwarming, our world will be a more beautiful place if everyone takes pride and pleasure in what he is doing like Gianni (and you, naturally.) Love the way you provide previous related posts links for the convenience of your readers, how thoughtful! Thank you so much for sharing! You are great inspiration! Happy Valentine’s Day! Love, Journey

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  2. Lin says:

    I will be going to Florence in a few weeks. I am a “paper junkie” and in search of handmade marbled paper. Can you tell me exactly where to find this wonderful shop?

  3. Peter Slootmans says:

    Hello, I would like to make such paper myself. Can you give me the exact recipe and materials that you need for such paper ? Thank you so much. Peter. (Belgium)

  4. 33 Avenue says:

    Peter: I, myself, do not know how to make marbled paper so I was really fascinated how Gianni, the owner of Il Papiro Firenze in Italy, did it.

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